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We build applications that make a difference; our drive comes from helping people and making the world a better place! Our solutions and focus are on applications that solve people problems!

We are

About Us

DragonCore Canada Inc. builds applications that make a difference!  Our team is passionate about rapid development, using Microsoft Azure and building highly responsive and effective solutions!

Our Solution

Using the latest .NET technologies, building in the most advanced technological framework and infrastructure in the world, DragonCore is all IN with Microsoft Azure and the amazing capabilities.  

Rapid development, flexibility and amazingly affordable costs for applications in Azure give us the edge in developing applications and solutions!

Our Team

Our Canadian team is passionate about what we do!  With locations in Alberta, Ontario and PEI, our developers are across this big country but we all work in the same (virtual) room every day!


Solving for People



Our solution for the Dental industry helps over 4000 professionals and practices across Canada fill temporary shifts and permanent job posts!



Our COVID Case & Contact Management for Public Health is used in 3 provinces and territories in Canada, supporting thousands of cases and hundreds of thousands of clients!


Financial Equity Services Platform

Martel Transportation Technology Inc is using our Financial Equity Services Platform to secure a Series G-1 Funding Campaign.


Catholic Curriculum Corporation

Our custom built platform for managing a yearly conference for the CCC has recently been updated and improved exponentially!

1st Hussars

1st Hussars Database 1939-1945

The 1st Hussars, in conjunction with DragonCore has built a first of its kind historical archive of all soldiers in the 1st Hussars from 1939-1945.

Our Clients

We deliver future-ready enterprise solutions that outperform

Our COVID Case & Contact Management for Public Health is used in 3 provinces and territories in Canada, supporting thousands of cases!

DragonCore develops rapid, custom built Azure based applications that make a difference!  

Contact us today to learn more about our depth and focus and see how we can bring your organization to the next level.



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Like what you see? Our corporate headquarters, located in Calgary, AB support our developers (mostly Alberta and Ontario) across Canada! Please feel free to contact us to help build your Azure-based Application today!
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